Welcome Rasika Apte, new artist on GetArtUp

Rasika Apte is a San Francisco based artist with a BA in Art from the UT Austin. She finds inspiration from learning and studying about the way of life in different parts of the world. Painting primarily in oil, her work draws from faces, landscapes and cityscapes that she has encountered. She believes art is a wonderful platform to promote harmony because it teaches people respect and understanding for each other and our surroundings.

Here are a few works on GetArtUp.comimage

We are excited to announce our very first competition,  a search for the best contemporary photographers working in the entire United States. All applicants welcome…

The contest is currently open: rolling admissions

DEADLINE: June 10th, 2014

Send submissions to: hello@getartup.com


-Include your artist biography in third person in a word or text file as an attachment

-Includes jpeg’s as attachments (5 works) that represent your work

-Fill out our application listing works, titles, photo style, and sizes, and include payment of $8 application processing fee on our application form (only paid applicants will be considered)

-Tweet and Facebook your entry photo and tag us @getartup #fotothon with a link to our tumblr

*Must be a US based artist


-1st place wins $1,500 in cash prize as well as getting a fully produced one man show at our sister gallery in San Francisco, CA.

-2nd place wins $500 and inclusion in one of our client art programs, with a chance to sell work to them and earn recurring income on the work while displayed at their space.

-3rd place wins a $250 gift certificate to Blick Art Supply.

-4th, 5th, and 6th place winners will get to join a current client site of ours displaying their work for 6 months and also receive recurring a cash stipend for that, based on the value of works.


Diane Arbus: Self-Portrait 

Art Auction Supporting St. Jude’s Online Bidding

We are accepting online bids until 4pm PST on Dec. 6th so if you can’t make it to our Art Auction Party at RunwaySF, bid here and support St. Jude’s while scoring some amazing artwork!

Place your max bid, enter bid item #, and we will let you know if you were successful in winning via email. Thanks for your support!

 Item 1- Brandi Lee  6 weeks  22x22  Ink on Mylar/mixed media BID

Item 2- Brandi Lee  Particulate Chaos (2 piece set)  17x14 ea. BID

Item 3-Percy Cannon Pale Blue 20x12  Painting on Panel   BID

Item 4- Carolyn Nunnelly  Tuscany  11x9 in. Watercolor   BID

Item 6- Carolyn Meyer  Italy Fields 16x20 Oil on Canvas  BID

Item7- Carolyn Meyer Black+White 2  11x14  Oil on Board   BID

Item 8- Carolyn Meyer  Black+White 1 11x14  Oil on Board  BID

Item 9- Chris Coogan  By A Thread  11x14  Oil on Panel  BID

Item 10- Craig Nelson  Still Life Oil on Canvas   BID

Item 11- Daniel Chen  Untitled 18x12in. Drawing   BID

Item 12- Hiroshi Sato Daffodils in Wane  20x10 Oil on Canvas   BID

Item 13- Jennifer Hansen Falling  24x48”  Mixed Media  BID

Item 14- Jinhee Lee  THE RED  30x40”in.  Mixed Media/Canvas  BID

Item 15- Jinhee Lee Silver Winter 30x40”  Mixed Media/Canvas  BID

Item 16- John Wentz  Ghost 25x13in.  Drawing  BID

Item 17- John Wentz  Vestigal 17x27”  Drawing   BID

Item 18- Kim Frohsin Untitled 2  9.5x12 in.  Drawing   BID

Item 19- Kim Frosin Untitled 1  9.5x12 in.  Drawing  BID

Item 20- Nila Vala Isphahan 14x14 Lithograph framed   BID

Item 21- Olivia Chen  Commands 9x9” Mixed Media/Keyboard   BID

Item- 22 Olivia Chen Spaces 9x9” Keyboard/Mixed Media   BID

Item 23- Olivia Chen Bravery 5x5” Oil on Panel  BID

Item 24- Sheldon Greenberg California Girl 20x16 Mixed Media  BID

Item 25- Steven Stodor Delta Romeo  36x36”  Oil on Canvas   BID

Item 26- Theresa Wagner To Tomorrow  20x20  Oil on Canvas BID

Item 27- Tiff Pollard George  6x12in. Spray+Acrylic on Panel   BID

Item 28- Tomatsu Takishima Muir Beach 11x14 Oil on Canvas  BID

Item 29- Tomatsu Takishima  Summer Sky 10x13  Oil on Canvas BID

Item 30- Ximena Rendon   Waiting  20x20in.  Oil on Canvas     BID

New Art on GetArtUp

GetArtUp welcomes the art of new artist Jack Androvich. Androvich is a California native working in the photography realm. His photos are evocative of Surrealism and he claims he is influenced by famous Surrealist photographers such as Man Ray. Androvich’s photographs are interesting because they do not always look like photographs; often times they look like a painting with their slightly blurred lines and fuzzy nature. His photographs are dually eerie and captivating, making the viewer wonder how he got the photograph to be the way it is. His works are available now on getartup.com. Come to the site and support your local artist!

A Swede in San Francisco

Tomorrow ‘Anders Zorn: Sweden’s Master Painter’ opens at San Francisco’s Legion of Honor. The show houses more than 100 paintings, watercolors, and etchings from public as well as private collections. Zorn was an Impressionist painter and one of the most successful of his time, highly coveted by wealthy socialites hailing from all over Europe. Zorn has been likened as the John Singer Sargent of Europe, meticulously capturing the elite in moments of leisure and decadence. His attention to light and detail are outstanding and whether his paintings be of serene Nordic landscapes or of the upperclass posing, this is a show worth visiting. 

Interested in looking at some contemporary art with Impressionist influences? Come to our site and check these out. Available for rental or purchase.  


Happy Halloween GetArtUp friends! Tweet at @getartup tonight with photos of you in your Halloween getup; most ghoulishly stellar three costumes will win a piece of original contemporary art for the home for one month! In the meantime, check out these utterly creepy getartup works to get you in the mood for tonight’s Halloween festivities. Trick or treat!


Zombie time!


Don’t let the bed bugs bite…


At the beginning of autumn or at the end of horror movie murder scene? #blood


Zombie pup. 


There’s a ghost in that drawer.


"I see you"- creepy killer monkey. 


Would not want to be alone here tonight…




GetArtUp does Hockney

This past Sunday David Hockney: A Bigger Exhibition opened to the public at San Francisco’s de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. I was lucky enough to attend the opening on the Thursday before and was absolutely blown away, firstly by the mere scale of Hockey’s works and then by the deep, saturated colors. Hockney’s pieces are gigantic, with some taking up entire walls. This exhibit focuses on Hockney’s landscapes, portraiture, and his Ipad works. For many of these works Hockney uses watercolors, but they do not look like regular watercolor pieces because of their rich jewel tones and general lush nature. In other words, the paint application is unlike any watercolor work I have ever seen. A Bigger Exhibition is the largest in the de Young’s history— with over 300 works— and there is no excuse to miss it as it runs through February! In the meantime, here are some images from getartup.com that are utterly Hockney-like. Go to the site to rent OR buy them if you want some Hockney vibes in your home but do not want to pay the painfully hefty fees!

New Art on GetArtUp.com

A good chunk of new art has been added to getartup.com over the past two weeks. Go to the website, peep the artist section, and look at works by Alexa Riddle, Reagan D. Pufall, and Dustin Hoffman. Alexa- a San Francisco designer and artist- mounts cosmic, often scenic prints with Surrealist influences onto bamboo, creating a solid and beautiful piece to hang on your wall. Reagan uses photography as his foremost medium to capture ephemeral landscapes that illustrate his preoccupation with fantasy. Dustin is a website programmer by day and a crafty artist by night. He works with wood, meticulously shaping it into hexagons, which he believes are the best shape because they are the most sided equilateral polygon capable of tessellating. And behold, three new artists with their own artistic agendas creating awesome stuff. Come support your local artist and look to rent or buy their work at getartup.com. Cheers.







All Things Art-Related

If you’re interested in art it’s important to know what’s going on in the art world of your city. Tonight is the opening of the David Hockney exhibition at San Francisco’s de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. The exhibition is gigantic— rightfully titled David Hockney: A Bigger Exhibition— and showcases more than 300 of Hockney’s works, making it the biggest exhibit the de Young has ever curated. The exhibit opens to the public this Sunday and will run through mid January. For those of you who are not familiar with Hockney, he is a contemporary British artist and his oeuvre for this particular show is comprised of but not limited to oil paintings, large landscapes, portraiture, video installations, Ipad drawings, and all sorts of works on paper. David Hockey: A Bigger Exhibition is the first comprehensive exploration of Hockney’s work since 2002, so it is definitely worth seeing. I will be at the opening tonight and will share a review of the exhibit tomorrow; I have a feeling it’s going to be just amazing. image





Fall is Falling

Fall is falling, friends. Come to getartup.com to look at autumnal pieces to rent or buy for your home and office space. Autumn is the perfect time to invest in contemporary art because more time is being spent indoors. Temperatures are cooling and it starts being more favorable to bundle up, read a book, and admire some new art pieces on your wall in your own home! Why head to the art gallery that is miles away when you can create your own sacred art space right in the comforts of your own home? Now check out a few of these works by GetArtUp artists who are epitomizing what fall is.